Microgaming Free Play

Microgaming has introduced new poker based online casino card games in March 2010 that are quite different from the online games that were previously launched by this leading company. This Microgaming free play game is part of Gold series of Microgaming games and is popularly known as Triple Action Hold'em Bonus Poker Gold. This Microgaming free play game is played with only 28 cards only. In the deck all cards ranked more than 7 are included. So, deck contains only eight, nine, tens, jacks, queens, kings and aces and no card with seven or lesser rank is part of game.

This Microgaming free play game begins like a normal poker game in which a player is required to place an initial bet called ante bet. He can also go for optional wager for bonus bet and flop side bet at the same time. Then, the player is allotted two cards faced up and there are three community cards which are hidden that mean they are faced down. One card of Dealer card is faced down and one is faced up. Now player has to take a crucial decision that whether he wants to play or go for folding. If the player choose second option that is fold then he will lose the ante bet so the wager money as well. But bonus bet and flop side bet will remain in play and the remaining cards are exposed as usual. If player goes with first option that is he wants to play then face down cards are exposed which decides that whether player has win the play bet or not.

This Microgaming free play game is also known as Triple Action because there are actually three games which players are playing simultaneously and independently. In this Microgaming free play game, if a player is not having a pair of nine or greater then he disqualifies for the game. In case if gamer qualifies this Microgaming free play game then there could be two possibilities. If the player's hand is ranked higher then he will get payout from both bets. But if he has lower ranked cards then we will end up with losing the bet.